Paltronics manufactures and supports linked gaming products that suit the needs of the largest casino with many thousands of EGMs and table games, to the smallest venue with as few as 15 EGMs.

Paltronics only business module is to design develop and manufacture products that are created solely for the gaming industry.

  • With an exclusive focus on the casino and gaming industry has enabled Paltronics to spearhead the modernisation of gaming related linked jackpots and media systems.
  • Paltronics is committed to solving unique challenges facing gaming venues with a priority of seamlessly integrated systems and components for successful operations.
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Paltronics focuses solely on the casino and gaming industry and has installed more than 20,000 jackpot controller linking over 200,000 EGM’s, on multitudes of systems across the world and has earned a very strong market share in every region within which it operated directly.