Mystery Jackpot Link Systems

Paltronics is the dominant supplier of link jackpot equipment to the NSW/ACT market. The components used are acknowledged as being the best and most reliable.
REV7 Jackpot Controller – New functionality designed to meet the latest Regulatory requirements.
PAL5 Interface Cards – these cards include “flash” memory so that any required software upgrades are downloaded directly via the jackpot controller to all attached Interface Cards EGM’s.

Product Features

  • Capacity for 64 LED or VGA driven signs to display jackpot amounts.
  • Smooth effective hands free operation whilst providing high level security.
  • In-built insurance through battery backed RAM, provides full protection in the event of a power-out situation. Your information is not lost.
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Paltronics focuses solely on the casino and gaming industry and has installed more than 20,000 jackpot controller linking over 200,000 EGM’s, on multitudes of systems across the world and has earned a very strong market share in every region within which it operated directly.