Mystery Madness


Mystery Madness operates by pairing 2 levels of a jackpot controller.

The first level (the Mystery Level) is a larger jackpot and the second level (the Madness Level) is a smaller jackpot.

The Madness Level begins at $0 and increments very quickly in comparison to the Mystery Level, and when these smaller jackpots (Madness Level) are hit, they are stored in the controller without being awarded to any EGM. (These will be highlighted on a ‘cracker tree’).

When the Mystery Level is hit, the Mystery Jackpot is awarded to the EGM as per a normal Mystery Jackpot, and all the stored Madness Level Jackpots are awarded to all eligible players including the Mystery Jackpot winner at the same time.

Product Features

  • A mystery jackpot link that could have more than 1 winner.
  • A single player could win multiple jackpots.
  • An average of 8 Madness jackpot prizes per mystery jackpot prize, with the potential of up to a maximum of 16 prizes.
  • Incorporating the unique visual of sequenced graphics moving from screen to screen.
  • 4 graphic themes available.(Hong Kong Harbour, Las Vegas, Underwater and The Jungle)

About the Product

The parameter combinations which are permitted for use in NSW allow for an average of 8 Madness Jackpots per Mystery Jackpot, up to a maximum of 16.

Each Mystery Madness Jackpot Controller can support 2 levels of Mystery Madness Jackpot pairs using all 4 allowable levels in NSW on a single controller.

Mystery Madness REd

Mystery Madness Blue

Mystery Madness Brochure – Click here to download.

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