Venue-Wide Jackpot Link System


There are more than 8,000 egms currently connected to Venue-Wide and Multi-Venue Jackpot Systems in NSW and the ACT.

The Venue-Wide Jackpot System allows your club to offer large jackpots available to your players only.

It is a cost effective solution that allows your club to retain full control over the size and frequency of jackpots.

The ability to easily create and modify jackpots for special occasions and promotional purposes becomes a reality.

The Paltronics’ Venue-Wide Jackpot System is the NSW version of the One Link Slot System operating throughout the USA and Asia including Macau and Singapore.

Product Features

  • Ability to operate eight levels of jackpots, utilising one interface card (4x venue-wide and 4 x local banks)
  • Ability to connect to an unlimited number of EGMs at your venue.
  • Ability to connect to MTGMs Mystery Links.
  • All jackpots are won by your players.
  • Time saving with centralised control, management and reporting.
  • Real time monitoring of linked EGMs, including full reporting of Jackpot history, Link/EGM turnover, CCCE downloads/failures.
  • Only requires a small percentage of contribution for large and frequent jackpots.
  • The latest version of the VWJS allows for the display of ‘Venue-Wide’ levels as well as ‘Local’ levels on the one display, providing a summary of all linked jackpot information.

Venue-Wide Jackpot Winner_webVenue-Wide Dragons fortune_web

About the Product

The Venue-Wide Jackpot System provides a powerful, secure and easy to use means of configuring and monitoring jackpots and media on your gaming floor and remote sites.

Designed as a client/server configuration, incorporating Paltronics’ proprietary hardware as well as commercially available servers, personal computers and network hardware.

With the Venue-Wide Jackpot System there are no ongoing daily fees (apart from product support) associated with the Venue-Wide Jackpot System. The venue owns and operates the link and is free to alter contribution percentages, jackpot amounts and attached EGMs at will (subject to normal regulatory approval).

Venue-Wide Fast Fortune

Venue-Wide Mega jackpot

Venue-Wide Tradies treasure

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Paltronics focuses solely on the casino and gaming industry and has installed more than 20,000 jackpot controller linking over 200,000 EGM’s, on multitudes of systems across the world and has earned a very strong market share in every region within which it operated directly.