One Link Media

Manage Your Content Like You Mean it!

Provides venues the ability to centrally create, edit, schedule and narrow cast a full range of media messages on any number of displays at multiple locations.

Casinos can integrate their brand messaging, marketing communications and promotional strategies across their digital signage displays using video, audio, animations, live streaming television broadcasts and text.

Media possibilities are only limited by ones imagination because the Paltronics’ system provides complete flexibility so venues can deploy the programs they want.

It’s as Easy as DRAG and DROP!


One Link Drag and Drop.

Product Features

  • True centralised management of gaming and non- gaming outlets.
  • Manage all gaming and non gaming areas, digital signage displays including:
    • Floor Overheads
    • Bank Overheads
    • Machine Top Boxes
    • Table Games
    • Convention Event Signage
    • Promotional Signage
    • Restaurant Menus
    • Touch-Screen Wayfinders
    • Video-Walls/Advertising Signage
  • Content can be configured to exacting display resolutions.
  • Combining the Media System with the Slot System or bonusing application, venues can overlay real-time jackpot progressives and incorporate winner animations with traditional media



About the Product

The One Link Media® System integrates and functions seamlessly with the One Link Slot® System, the configuration is completely scalable, and is designed to give venues the flexibility of easy future expansion of their system and capabilities.
Manage Content:

  • Schedule content playback
  • Update content playback with drag and drop simplicity


  • Schedule playlist options for any environment – date range, hours of day, property location
  • Preview scheduled tasks via calendar or list view

Interactive Media:

  • Property Mapping
  • Restaurants, retail and promotions
  • Integrated slot finding

Content Creation:

  • Drag and Drop creation tools
  • Create integrated media content to interact with casino floor
  • Deploy interactive Kiosk and Touch screen displays
  • Schedule content and create playback reporting
  • WYSIWYG content layout
  • Create custom Odometer displays
  • Use custom components for informational content and news feeds

Mobile Management:

  • True device management with accessibility tools for varied users
  • View display status
  • Change channels
  • Change LIVE TV streams
  • HTML 5 compatible with IOS and Android devices



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Paltronics focuses solely on the casino and gaming industry and has installed more than 20,000 jackpot controller linking over 200,000 EGM’s, on multitudes of systems across the world and has earned a very strong market share in every region within which it operated directly.