Wayfinder Interactive Kiosks

These kiosk displays can act as a casino’s Virtual Concierge system for patrons by providing a unique customer experience along with important information about your property.

The One Link Media System has the ability to deploy and support interactive signage to assist customers who are searching for gaming locations, dining locations, entertainment and special events.

Branding interactive experiences can help your customers discover the amenities that resonate with their interests.


Product Features

  • Wayfinder Interactive Kiosks work as additional staffing to help educate customers about your property and its many amenities and offerings.
  • These kiosks are becoming more in demand as properties seek to manage labour costs on the casino floor.
  • Customise your kiosk display to include:
    • Gaming and Casino Floor Information.
    • Progressive Jackpot Levels.
    • Information and streaming video for promotions, events, restaurants and amenities that provides patrons with the latest digital marketing brochure.
    • Property maps for one or multiple sites.

About the Product

Configured using the One Link Media System by designating a new channel to centralise the management of key information, entertainment and promotions using the full range of media type files such as videos, stills or web pages. This allows you to conserve valuable resources, updating information at the touch of a button, and auto-updating details such as show times and acts.

Intuitive and logical kiosk screens and layouts that help patrons find information quickly and easily as well as navigate various point of interest.


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