Enterprise Slot and Bonusing

A highly scalable, Ethernet-based, slot jackpot progressive and bonusing system that has revolutionised modern gaming because of its reliability and ease-to-use in casino gaming floors and property wide applications.

Linked through a casino’s existing local or wide-area network, the One Link Slot System provides a powerful and secure solution for monitoring slot activity and creating more rewarding and exciting player experiences, using jackpots and bonusing, in order to increase casino revenue.

The system is compatible with the majority of slot machines, and levels can be configured for popular multi-game/multi-denomination games.
The system also supports integration with a number of third party systems already present on casino floors.

Product Features

  • Most comprehensive bank level, floor-wide or wide-area jackpot bonusing system available.
  • Links an unlimited number of slots and progressive levels.
  • Configure jackpot progressive and bonus levels.
  • Monitor jackpot and bonusing events in real-time.
  • Real-time accounting for coin-in and progressive data.
  • Generate accounting reports.
  • Ethernet-based system easily connects to casino network.
  • Scalable system, where new capabilities or devices can be expanded at anytime.
  • Integrate jackpot and bonusing event-triggered messages with media and promotions on property-wide signage. (LEDs, Overheads, Top Boxes, Video Walls and Wayfinder Interactive Kiosks.

About the Product

For unmatched flexibility, the system integrates seamlessly with the Paltronics One Link Media System to display real-time jackpot and bonusing information on digital or LED signage.
By combining system-based bonusing and progressives with entertainment and promotional content, casinos can inform patrons about upcoming jackpots and broadcast winner celebrations throughout one or more venues.

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Paltronics focuses solely on the casino and gaming industry and has installed more than 20,000 jackpot controller linking over 200,000 EGM’s, on multitudes of systems across the world and has earned a very strong market share in every region within which it operated directly.